Financial Resources

The Colorado Cancer Foundation (CCF) coordinates with patients and their families across the State of Colorado, assisting individuals in need of care, be it at a community hospital or the University of Colorado (CU) Anschutz Medical Campus in Aurora, CO. In fact, if you live in Colorado and need care at CU's Division of Medical Oncology, the CCF may be able to help you with transportation to and from the Aurora. 

Qualifications for Colorado Cancer Foundation support include the following:

  1. Clinics and laboratories conducting oncology research in the State of Colorado

  2. Educational or Government bodies working to inform the public regarding the causes, effects, and treatments of cancer, and or coping with the disease

  3. Cancer patients and their families who live in, or receive treatment in, the State of Colorado


When requesting aid, please include the following six pieces of information. Without this vital data, your request cannot be evaluated, so please complete all of the boxes below:

  1. Physician(s) Name(s)

  2. Practice Name

  3. Practice Address

  4. Practice Telephone Number

  5. Type of Cancer(s)

  6. A description of how the funds are to be used

Please complete the following form. Thank you.

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