Biking Seven Continents

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"Stan Havlick never knew that with one touch of his rear bicycle wheel in the Pacific Ocean in 1992, a 17-year journey would take his front wheel to the West Coast of the Caspian Sea in Eastern Russia. Stan’s six coast-to-coast adventures took him across 19 countries, 11 states, three Australian provinces, and required over 20,000 miles of demanding and dedicated cycling, raising money for the Colorado Cancer Foundation. In 2009, Stan rode his 7th continent when he dipped his front and back wheels into the Neko Harbor off Andvord Bay on the peninsula of the Antarctic. Join Stan as he shares his tales and photos of this extraordinary adventure and unique cultural experience. Stan, who has lived or traveled on all seven continents, will also devote a portion of his program to answering questions about the wonderful world of travel." - Chautauqua, Boulder

When: March 15 at 7:00PM
Where: Chautauqua Event Center, 900 Baseline Rd, Boulder, CO 80302

Tickets: Please visit the Chautauqua Event Center Website to purchase tickets ($12/person).

Stan Havlick's 'Cure' Aims for Cancer Cure

Stan Havlick's 'Cure' Aims for Cancer Cure

"This is a special race for a couple of reasons," cancer survivor Jerry Lee, of Newton Running, said a couple of years ago when he decided to sponsor the race. "All the funds go to cancer research. It is small enough that you feel a part of it and that you are making a difference." = Daily Camera

Don Reichelt joins US Spartathon Team


The Colorado Cancer Foundation congratulates Don Reichelt on becoming a member of the US Spartathon Team, which will retrace the footsteps of the Pheidippides in Greece, covering 155 miles in 36 hours this September.

The Colorado Cancer Foundation’s Johannes Schmidt is now the Run for the Cure Race Director, supported by Assistant Race Directors and fellow Colorado Cancer Foundation Executive Board Members, Chad Weller and John Holt.

Interim Race Director

The Colorado Cancer Foundation (CCF) is pleased to announce that Don Reichelt will be the Interim Race Director for it’s annual cancer charity run, the Eldorado Run for the Cure. An avid runner and professional Event & Marketing Specialist, Don brings a wealth of industry knowledge and heartfelt enthusiasm to the family friendly race. Don holds a Master’s in Adult Education & Training from the University of Phoenix, and a Bachelor’s in Psychology with an emphasis on Health & Sports from the University of Iowa. In recent years, Don has led over a dozen events with the Highlands Ranch Community Association, from running to biking to triathlons, and the CCF looks forward to his contributions to the four-mile run through Eldorado Canyon State Park on August 24th, 2017. The CCF would also like to thank Sarah Rebick for her years of service, and ongoing contributions to the Eldorado Run for the Cure. As Don acclimates to his new role, Sarah will offer her guidance and expertise, ensuring a smooth transition. To learn more about the CCF and it’s life saving work with cancer patients, please visit, and to discover more about the Eldorado Run for the Cure, please visit: